, Search All Classifieds. The New Search Engine For Classifieds Is Out Of Beta

Published: 23rd November 2011
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Gentlemen, start your engines ! has launched its new search engine for classifieds.

After 10 months of development and beta testing is now ready to bridge the gap between private buyers and ad publishers by bringing together results from more than 200 classifieds sites, local newspapers and forums. It intends to take searching and browsing through millions of listings to the next level by combining a variety of useful features specific to the classified ads content.

Why do you need There are thousands of specialized sites, local periodicals, online forums and other communities used as advertising media by those selling goods or services. Millions of offers are scattered across numerous information resources each following a different approach to categorizing ads and displaying relevant information. For unsophisticated users a search for goods or services in their locality turns into a tedious process of switching between a number of information providers with an annoying need to adapt each time to their specific interfaces. It is inconvenient, time-consuming and ultimately inefficient.

If you are one of those seeking a simpler and more convenient way of finding whatever you are looking for – welcome to It currently collects and summarizes information from more than 200 databases, which makes for a total of over 16 million classifieds, all brought together and uniformly displayed. is a successor to the service which by 2010 had gained significant popularity but was closed at the request of in October 2010 (for more information about the conflict visit Its basic principles – convenience and comprehensiveness – were initially at the core of the search engine philosophy and continue to define it after the change of name.

In keeping with its principles the service today enables the user to set search radius – not only a city or a state, but also a distance of 0 to 250 miles around a chosen point. It also provides a comprehensive search preview by making all the necessary information about the search item and the seller available in the search menu, so that there is no need to click on every separate ad to see if it meets your requirements.

Since late 2010 has been developing along two major directions. The first one is expanding the ad source database (which now includes, as stated above, more than 200 sources totalling over 16 million classifieds). The second focus of efforts is data procession optimization. The following instruments have been tested and found useful and efficient:

* Better Spam/Scam protection: the new automated scam/spam filter and community moderation were introduced to enhance user safety and content quality. Up to 100% of scam ads and spam messages are filtered as junk mail).
* e-mail alerts: if you haven’t found what you are looking for due to absence of ads satisfying the specified criteria – just make a request and Claz will notify you of any new ads that meet your requirements.
* Duplicate Listings: is now filtering duplicate listings, hiding results which were posted by the same person on multiple websites. Displaying duplicate listings however can be enabled by clicking “Show All” link.

In order to better fit the “all in one” concept Claz launched an ad posting service with an array of fascinating features:

* Good ad title indicator: the user is given hints as to a good ad title, which helps them make the ad more appealing to prospective buyers.
* Ad category prompt: the instrument helps you avoid confusion when choosing the category or subcategory to place the ad. It ensures better focus on potential buyers.
* Assistance in selecting pictures for ads: if you don't have a good picture, Claz can help you with one available under Creative Commons Attribution, that is, it will help you find an image on the Internet that can be used for your ad absolutely legally.

We live in a world overflowing with information. And the key challenge for any person (and especially when it comes to classifieds) is trawling through the fathomless oceans of words and images for relevant information. And this is where comes to the rescue, bringing advanced technologies and human acumen together so as to make searching for ads an enjoyable experience and save the searcher from being swamped with information.

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